Trixie – August 14



It is with great sadness that our beloved wee Shetland pony Trixie was put to sleep last night. She had a colic on Thursday morning and our own vets thought she should go through to the vet school in Edinburgh to see the specialists there. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do for Trixie and so to prevent suffering she was put to sleep. We will know more when we hear back from Edinburgh with the results of tests they have done. At the moment there does not appear to be any connection between O’Reilly’s problem and Trixie. This is such a sad time at The Brae, and we cannot thank the Anastassiou Family enough for gifting Trixie to The Brae and for allowing so many children to benefit and have so much fun with her. We will all miss Trixie so much as she was such a wee star.