Paddy’s first drive – June 17


Another first for the carriage driving team! Paddy had his first drive with a client this evening. The lucky client was Neil Muir, and the lucky driver was Joan Jack (she and Alison tossed for it, and Joan won!). Also in the picture are Aiden, Alison and Nicole. Neil is working towards his Grade 2 carriage driving assessment.

New Carriage Drivers

Many congratulations to Neil Muir and Bob Whitley, who have both made outstanding progress in their carriage driving in the past few weeks, and were presented this afternoon with their Grade 1 certificates, badges and cd2

Mickey – RDA Horse of the Year

We are absolutely delighted to let everyone know that Mickey has won the Riding for the Disabled National Award for Horse of the Year.
Mickey is a superstar who not only gives lots of our children and adults the benefits of horseriding lessons, but he is also our carriage driving pony. As If that weren’t enough, Mickey was recently trained to provide vaulting lessons (this is basic gymnastics on horseback), and this has proved to be a huge success.
Thank you so much to Claire (Brae volunteer) for nominating Mickey for this special and much deserved award.

Carriage Driving Picnic-July 16

The sun shone on the righteous once again, and we had a beautiful day for our picnic at Crombie Park, with 11 of our clients coming along to join in the fun. Many thanks to all the volunteers who came along and helped to make the picnic such a success, and many thanks once again to Andrew Reid for towing our trailer.


Carriage Driving Award-June 16

Congratulations to Wendy French, who drove an immaculate dressage test on Wednesday evening to gain her Grade 1 carriage driving award.

cd2 cd1












She is seen here with her badge, certificate and rosette, surrounded by the carriage driving team.

Carriage Driver Training-April 16

Alison and Joan attended a regional carriage driving training day in Aberdeenshire today, having to leave home at the unearthly hour of 7.30a.m. The early start was well worth it, however, as they learned a lot of useful information about dressage, cones, and obstacles, and were able to put this information to good use by driving ponies brought along by Ruth Skinner.

Walking the course

Walking the course








Joan driving the obstacle course.

Joan driving the obstacle course.








Joan heading for the finishing line. Congratulations, Joan, on coming second.

Joan heading for the finishing line. Congratulations, Joan, on coming second.