Carriage Driving News-March 13

Hot off the press! Wee Boris passed his assessment with flying colours, and is now an RDA driving pony, able to take light ambulant clients, probably mostly children, for a drive. He will also be putting in an appearance, in his carriage, at the Tayside Classic Car Show on the 9th of June.Boris in harness

 Mickey was assessed as well, but needs a bit more practice before becoming our third driving pony.

We don’t have any carriage driving clients during this block because of the inclement weather, but we are making good use of our time on Thursday afternoons, and as well as working with O’Reilly, Mickey and Boris we have been using the time to do maintenance work on the carriages and bicycles. We now have three carriages, so O’Reilly, Mickey and Boris have a carriage each!

In the next few weeks, we will be assessing new clients, with the help of physiotherapist Duncan Sangster, and making plans for the next block. As well as driving round the tracks beside the centre, we plan to drive in the housing estate, and we also mean to take clients to Crombie Park now and again. We have done a full risk assessment with the ranger there, and intend to take O’Reilly there in a couple of weeks’ time, to get him accustomed to the surroundings.

We also propose to take one of our horses, probably O’Reilly, to the pleasure drive held by the British Driving Society at Glamis in May, and we will be holding our annual picnic for present and former driving clients at Tentsmuir on July 4th. So put the date in your diary, and look out your American flags!

If anybody is interested in coming to help us, please get in touch with Emma. We drive on a Thursday afternoon, but during the spring and summer months, we also drive on a Wednesday evening.We will be holding a training evening for present and prospective volunteers on Wednesday April 3rd, from 5 o’clock until 7 o’clock.