Carriage Driving at Glamis Castle – May 14

May 18th
Some of the carriage driving team attended the British Driving Society Drive at Glamis Castle today. Last year we took O’Reilly. This year it was Mickey’s turn. He has never been out with other horses and carriages before, but he behaved impeccably. You can see us all before, during and after the drive. Mickey had his hay net while we were tucking into our lunch – we didn’t forget him!
As well as being a fun day out for us all, the purpose of the outing was to give Mickey experience in driving with other horses, and to give Shauna experience of driving outwith the Brae. Both of them have assessments next month, Mickey to become another driving pony, and Shauna to become a carriage driving instructor.
We will have our fingers crossed for them at the end of June. Good luck to both