Carriage Driving

Wendy French - November 17

Many congratulations to Wendy French, who passed her Grade 2 carriage driving assessment today, and can be seen here with Zoe Sanders, who assessed her, and the carriage driving team. Wendy is all set to do her Grade 3 assessment next year.

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Neil Muir passes CD test - Aug 17

Many congratulations to Neil Muir, who passed his Grade 2 carriage driving test with flying colours. Zoe Sanders, who is holding Paddy in the photo, assessed him and presented him with his certificate, badge and rosette. She was very impressed with his driving and his knowledge of theory, and...Read More »

Carriage Driving Assessment - Aug 17

Many congratulations to Nathalie Thomas, who passed her assessment to be a carriage driving coach yesterday. You can see her here with Wendy, her first client, and the rest of the carriage driving team. Her first drive was indoors due to the atrocious weather, but she hopes to get...Read More »

Carriage Driving Picnic - July 17

We held our annual carriage driving picnic on Thursday, and you can see from the photos how much we all enjoyed it, including Mickey, who relished the change of scene. You can also see him enjoying his hay, and the rest of us enjoying our picnics, including the delicious lemon...Read More »

Balmoral June 17

The members of The Brae carriage driving team were invited to participate in the drive in the grounds of Balmoral Castle yesterday, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Garioch Carriage Driving Group. Alison, Joan,Katie and Judith drove up for the day, and had a wonderful time, getting a hurl...Read More »

Paddy's first drive - June 17


Another first for the carriage driving team! Paddy had his first drive with a client this evening. The lucky client was Neil Muir, and the lucky driver was Joan Jack (she and Alison tossed for it, and Joan won!). Also in the picture are Aiden, Alison and Nicole. Neil...Read More »

Easter Prize

Congratulations to Sandy Cameron, one of our carriage driving clients, seen here receiving his prize from The Brae’s Easter Raffle from Alison.


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First Outing for Paddy

Paddy went on his first outing to Crombie Park with the carriage driving team on Thursday. He had a fantastic time, behaved impeccably, and is looking forward to a return visit with clients once he passes his assessment.

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New Carriage Drivers

Many congratulations to Neil Muir and Bob Whitley, who have both made outstanding progress in their carriage driving in the past few weeks, and were presented this afternoon with their Grade 1 certificates, badges and rosettes.

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Paddy in training for carriage driving

Our new horse Paddy is busy training to be our new Carriage Driving Pony.

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Oct 16 - Carriage Driving Award

Many congratulations to Gaellain Watt on passing her Grade 1 RDA carriage driving test. She is seen here receiving her award, surrounded by the carriage driving team.

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Carriage Driving Picnic-July 16

The sun shone on the righteous once again, and we had a beautiful day for our picnic at Crombie Park, with 11 of our clients coming along to join in the fun. Many thanks to all the volunteers who came along and helped to make the picnic such a success,...Read More »

Carriage Driving Award-June 16

Congratulations to Wendy French, who drove an immaculate dressage test on Wednesday evening to gain her Grade 1 carriage driving award.












She is seen here with her badge, certificate and rosette, surrounded by the carriage driving team.

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Carriage Driver Training-April 16

Alison and Joan attended a regional carriage driving training day in Aberdeenshire today, having to leave home at the unearthly hour of 7.30a.m. The early start was well worth it, however, as they learned a lot of useful information about dressage, cones, and obstacles, and were able to put this...Read More »

Davy Clark-Oct 15

Davy Clark passed his Grade 1 carriage driving test on 7th October after driving an impeccable cone course and being word perfect in his theory test.
Here he is with his certificate and rosette. We look forward to having him back in the future to do his Grade 2 test. Many...Read More »

August 15 - Neil Muir gains Carriage Driving certificate.

Neil Muir with his certificate and rosette after successfully completing his first six weeks of carriage driving.

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British Driving Society Drive

Alison, Joan, Katie and Shauna took Mickey over to Tentsmuir on Sunday 9th August for the annual British Driving Society Drive. Shauna drove Mickey all the way round the shorter route (4 miles), while Alison and Joan valiantly cycled behind the carriage. We came home with a very tired pony...Read More »

July 15. Carriage Driving Picnic

The carriage driving picnic took place in Crombie Park on the 9th July 2015, and once again the sun shone. We had five clients, who had a drive in the forest before having their picnic. Some of the volunteers then got a “hurl” in the carriage. Grateful thanks to all...Read More »

Grade 2 Carriage Driving Success

Congratulations to Wendy Sharp, who passed her Grade 2 carriage driving test this afternoon with flying colours, the first Brae client to do so at this level. She is shown here with Zoe Sanders, who assessed her test, and Alison Macintosh, the carriage driving organiser.

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Grade 1 Carriage Driving Success..

Kristin MacMaster sat her Grade 1 carriage driving test this evening (17 June 15), and passed with flying colours. You can see her here receiving her rosette, badge and certificate.


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40 Years of RDA Carriage Driving


RDA is celebrating 40 years of carriage driving this week. They have sent a badge to carriage driving volunteers and drivers (photo) and a rosette to each of our driving ponies (photo).






Here is Sarah with Mickey and his rosette (photo), and here is Mickey with his rosette, with...Read More »

Carriage Driving Test -August 14

21st August

Congratulations to Hannah Craig and Liam Ritchie on passing their Grade 1 carriage driving test. Both sat and passed the theory, and Liam also sat and passed the driving. The photos show Mary presenting them with their certificates and rosettes.

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Carriage Driving - July 14

July 7

The past month has been a busy one for the carriage driving team.

On June 18, Wendy Sharp, who just started driving in April, passed her RDA Grade 1 carriage driving test, and was awarded a badge, a certificate, and a rosette. Many congratulations to Wendy for being our very...Read More »

Carriage Driving at Glamis Castle - May 14

May 18th
Some of the carriage driving team attended the British Driving Society Drive at Glamis Castle today. Last year we took O’Reilly. This year it was Mickey’s turn. He has never been out with other horses and carriages before, but he behaved impeccably. You...Read More »

Carriage Driving at Crombie

March 14.

Today Mickey went for his first outing with the carriage driving team to Crombie Park. He behaved impeccably, and was dying to get home to make O’Reilly jealous!

We in the carriage driving team are hoping to take some of our clients out to Crombie during the next block, and...Read More »

All The Brae's Carriages

March ’14

Don’t all our driving ponies look smart harnessed up to their carriages! We are thrilled to be able to drive them all at the same time.

Although we have not had any clients this block, because of the cold weather, we in the carriage driving team have not been...Read More »

Boris's new carriage....

10th October 2013

Boris’s new carriage has arrived. Doesn’t it look smart in the Brae colours! Here he is trying it out – still some adjustments to be made to the position of the shafts before he can take off.

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New carriage and electric bikes

17th October 2013

The carriage driving team being presented with a £3,000 cheque by the Rotary Club of Dundee, and an electric bike by Nicholson’s Cycle Shop. The Rotary money has bought a new carriage for Boris and another electric bike. The remainder of the money will go towards maintenance of...Read More »

Carriage Driving Picnic

4th July 2013
We had our annual picnic at Tentsmuir Forest today. Unfortunately only one client, Kristin McMaster, was able to come along, but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and the sun shone.
O’Reilly was in very good form, and was obviously delighted to be driving in new surroundings

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Boris at the Tayside Classic Car Club Show

These photos of Boris were taken on Sunday 9th June at the Tayside Classic Car Club Show at Errol, where he was giving carriage drives and Trixie was giving pony rides.
They were both very popular, and there were lots of enquiries as to whether they’re to be there again...Read More »

Boris with first client.


Boris is now a fully-fledged RDA driving pony, having taken his first-ever client, Calum Morrison, for a drive this evening. As he passed the field (in a hail-storm), Rolley and Gismo came charging up to the fence, wondering what on earth Boris was getting up to now.

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Carriage Driving at Glamis

12th May 2013

The carriage driving team finally fulfilled a long-held ambition today by attending the British Driving Society Drive at Glamis Castle. We were complimented on our lovely turnout, and were all thrilled to be driving in such beautiful surroundings. O’Reilly didn’t put a hoof wrong all day, except first...Read More »

Carriage Driving News-March 13

Hot off the press! Wee Boris passed his assessment with flying colours, and is now an RDA driving pony, able to take light ambulant clients, probably mostly children, for a drive. He will also be putting in an appearance, in his carriage, at the Tayside Classic Car Show on the...Read More »

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